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All Contributions and Statements

Contributions for the second meeting of the IGF.

Interventions and Statements concerning the 3rd round of consultations in preparation of the second IGF, 5 September 2007

Contributions for 23 May Consultations to discuss programme and agenda for the second meeting of the IGF in Rio de Janeiro.

Government of the People's Republic of China [MSWord]

Government of the Russian Federation [MSWord]

Latin America and the Carribean 

  •  A Summary of ICT Priority Areas [pdf]
  •  Detailed ICT Priority Areas [pdf]

International Chamber of Commerce / Business Action to Support the Information Society (ICC/BASIS), Paris

  • Feedback on first Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Athens, Greece [ pdf]
  • Preliminary ICC/BASIS input on IGF Rio topics [ pdf ]
  • Final ICC/BASIS input on draft programme and schedule for the IGF in Rio [pdf]

CP80 Foundation, Orem, UT [pdf]

Civil Society Internet Governance Caucus [pdf]

Dynamic Coalition on Freedom of Expression and Freedom of the Media Online (FoEonline) [MsWord]

Dynamic Coalition on Access to Knowledge and Freedom of Expression (A2K@IGF) [pdf][html]

Dynamic Coalition on Open Standards (DCOS) [pdf]

Dynamic Coalition on Access and Connectivity for Remote, Rural and Dispersed Communities [html][txt]

Internet Society (ISOC), Reston, VA/Geneva [pdf]

IT for Change, Bangalore [pdf]

EUROLINC, Paris - English [pdf] | French [pdf]


  • A Legal Analysis of the IGF Process [pdf][odt]
  • Follow Up Note on the Legal Analyis [pdf][odt]

Jeremy Malcolm, Phd Candidate, Murdoch University, Perth [txt]

Contributions from the IGF Discussion Space can be found here

Contributions for 13 February 2007 stock-taking session.

Substantive contributions for the first meeting of the IGF.

Interventions made during the 2nd round of consultations on the convening of the IGF, 19 May 2006.

Comments on the substantive agenda.

Comments on setting up a multistakeholder group.

Interventions made during the first consultations on the convening of the IGF 16 -17 February 2006.

General Contributions.

IGF questionnaire responses.

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