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All Contributions and Statements

Contributions for the second meeting of the IGF.

Government of Canada - Contribution on the Way Forward of the IGF [pdf]

Government of China - Comments on the Draft Programme Outline for the Second Meeting of the Internet Governance Forum [pdf]

Government of the Russian Federation [pdf]

Council of Europe - Building a free and safe Internet [pdf]

International Telecommunication Union (ITU) 

  • General
    Overview of relevant ITU activities [pdf]
  • Security
    Global Cybersecurity Agenda (GCA) [pdf]
    Cybersecurity/ CIIP Initiatives [pdf
    Summary of ITU-T activities on standardization for Emergency Telecommunications [pdf]
    ITU-T Securities Initiative - An Update [pdf]
  • Access
    ITU contribution on Telecom Accessability [pdf]
    International Internet Interconnectivity [pdf]

International Chamber of Commerce/Business Action to Support the Information Society [BASIS]

  • Preliminary Input on the Draft Programme Outline for the second IGF meeting [ pdf ]

  • General
    Further updated ICC matrix of issues related to the Internet and organizations dealing with them
    May 2006.This matrix is the updated version of the 13 September 2004 ICC matrix on these issues [pdf
  • Openness
    ICC policy statement The impact of Internet content regulation, November 2002  [pdf]
    ICC policy statement on Regulating the Delivery of Audiovisual Content over the Internet  [pdf]
  • Security
    ICC Framework for consultation and drafting of Information Compliance obligations  [pdf]
    ICC toolkits
    *Assurance for executives [pdf]
    *Privacy toolkit  [pdf]
    *Securing your business  [pdf]
    'Spam' and unsolicited commercial electronic messages ICC policy statement, December 2004 [pdf]
    Final Approved Version of Alternative Standard Contractual Clauses for the Transfer of Personal Data from the EU to Third Countries (controller to controller transfers)  [pdf]
  • Access
    Telecoms Liberalization Guide  [pdf]
    Policy statement on Broadband Deployment  [pdf]
    Storage of Traffic data for law enforcement purposes [pdf]
    ICC policy recommendations on global IT sourcing  [pdf]
    Policy Statement on Open Source Software  [pdf]
  • Diversity
    Issues paper on Internationalized Domain Names  [pdf]
    Policy Statement on Open Source Software  [pdf]
  • Taking Stock and the Way Forward
    ICC Preliminary contribution [pdf]

European Telecommunications Network Operators' Association (ETNO) - Reflection European Telecommunications Network Operators' Association (ETNO) - Reflection Document in Reply to the Consultation "Preparing for the second Meeting of the IGF"  [pdf]

Internet Society (ISOC) - Internet governance priorities: findings from the ISOC INET meeting in Abuja, Nigeria [pdf]

Information Technology Association of America (ITAA)  -  Input for the IGF in Rio 2007 [pdf]

IT for Change - Four Critical Issues for the IGF, Rio, from a Southern Perspective  [pdf ]
Nippon Keidanren (Japan Business Federation) - Substantial Contribution to the Internet Governance Forum  [pdf]

Brazilian Institute for Projects and Studies in Communication and Culture - Contribution from Brazilian Civil Society Organizations and Researchers for the IGF in Rio 2007 [english] [español] [português]

Cheryl Preston, Professor of Law, Brigham Young University; Brent A. Little, Brigham Young University - ICANN can: Contracts and Porn Sites [pdf]

Christopher R. Reed, M.P.P Candidate, University of Michigan; Cheryl Preston, Professor of Law, Brigham Young University; Scott R. Rasmussen, J.D. Candidate, Brigham Young University  - Children and Internet Pornography: The Nature of the Problem and the Technologies for a Solution [pdf]

dotBERLIN GmbH, Dirk Krischenow - Namespace 2.0 – Virtual Identities for Communities [pdf]

Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India - Selected Aspects of Interoperability in One-stop Government Portal of India [pdf]

Jeremy Malcolm - Recommandations for the Internet Governance Forum [pdf
Joanna Kulesza, PHD student at the faculty of law and administration, University of Lodz, Poland - New Technologies and the Need for a Uniform Legal System [pdf
Longe, O.B., University of Ibadan, Nigeria; Chiemeke, S.C., University of Benign, Nigeria; Longe, F.A., Lead City University, Ibadan, Nigeria - Intermediary mediated Cybercrime: Internet Access Points and the Facilitation of Cybercrimes in Nigeria [pdf

Interventions and Statements concerning the 3rd round of consultations in preparation of the second IGF, 5 September 2007

Contributions for 23 May Consultations to discuss programme and agenda for the second meeting of the IGF in Rio de Janeiro.

Contributions for 13 February 2007 stock-taking session.

Substantive contributions for the first IGF meeting, Athens.

Interventions made during the 2nd round of consultations on the convening of the IGF, 19 May 2006.

Comments on the substantive agenda.

Comments on the proposed multistakeholder group.

Interventions made during the first consultations on the convening of the IGF 16 -17 February 2006.

General Contributions.

IGF questionnaire responses.

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