Expected outcome

The outcome of the meeting will be the reports of the individual sessions as well as of the meeting as a whole. There will be no negotiated texts such as decisions or resolutions. The Chairman may also wish to make a summing-up of the meeting. The report of the meeting will be submitted to the Secretary-General and made available on the website.

In addition, all the material that was used as input into the meeting will remain on record on the IGF Web site.

As a third possible outcome, there may be "dynamic coalitions" emerging from Athens, i.e. a group of institutions or people who agree to pursue an initiative started at the inaugural IGF meeting.

Meetings format

The format of meetings will be flexible and include moderated panels and discussions both from the floor and from remote participants. Each session should be as interactive as possible and devote a large portion of its time to interaction with the meeting attendees.

General Sessions

All general sessions will be held in the main session hall. They will be scheduled for three hours, will be webcast and have real-time transcription and interpretation into the six UN languages.

The content of these meetings will vary with the topic, but may include:

  • Awareness and levels setting
  • A description of the scope of the topic
  • A survey of the state of the topic and of what needs to be done
  • A discussion of the topic in regard to the cross cutting issues of development, capacity building and freedom of expression.
  • Sharing perspectives on issues in the topic.

Recap and review

Starting on the third day, the general session will begin with a one-hour long review of the previous day's work and include an open microphone session of 30 minutes. The reviews will be done in the large meeting room and will benefit from webcasting, real-time transcription and interpretation in all UN languages.

Prepared Statements

One of the principles behind the meeting is to allow for interactive discussion of the issues before the IGF and to minimize the time given to prepared statements. The importance of prepared statements is recognized, however, and provisions will be made for the video recording and broadcasting of all statements. Participants can submit a recorded five minute statement that will be made available on the IGF Web site and also broadcast at the venue on in a loop on three plasma screens for participants to hear. Those who are interested are encouraged to provide these statements both in video (specification: DVD format .vob files (region 2) or .wmv format (384x288 resolution for streaming) ) and in written document form.

Communication Technology/Remote Participation

Provisions will be made for full Internet access for all participants using wireless technologies. Provisions will be made for remote participants to use instant messaging to send comments into the meetings. It is hoped that volunteers will monitor IM channels and will serve as proxies for the remote participants in making interventions.

The Blogosphere

The blogs being written about the IGF will be monitored and will be reported on during the recap and review sessions in a daily blog report.

This page was last updated on 22 October 2006