Possible Timeline for the Convening of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF)


Open-ended consultations on the Convening of the IGF to discuss scope of work and substantive priorities as well as aspects related to its structure and functioning. Also on the agenda are the date for the convening of the inaugural meeting of the IGF, its agenda and programme. Meeting to prepare the convening of the inaugural session of the IGF, (Bureau or Programme Committee?) The meeting would focus on the agenda and the programme and make recommendations to the Secretary-General for the convening of the IGF. The Secretary-General convenes the IGF by extending invitations to all stakeholders and communicating the agenda and programme for the first meeting. (See paras 72 and 78 of the Tunis Agenda)
Inaugural Meeting
of the IGF

(See para 82 of the Tunis Agenda)

16 -17 February    

 May 2006   
June 2006    
October 2006 (?)