UPDATE: Stakeholders can now edit their workshop proposals up to 15th September 2008, when editing will be suspended to allow for a review of the submissions.

Workshops can be proposed on the draft main session headings:

  • Universalization of the Internet - How to reach the next billion (Expanding the Internet)
  • Low cost sustainable access
  • Multilingualization
  • Implications for development policy
  • Managing the Internet (Using the Internet)
  • Critical Internet resources
  • Arrangements for Internet governance
  • Global cooperation for Internet security and stability
  • Taking stock and the way forward
  • Emerging issues

(More information about the proposed programme is available in the summary report of the MAG meeting of 27-28 February.)

Workshops on other issues relating to Internet governance and the mandate of the IGF are also welcome.

The next round of open consultations, 16 September 2008 and MAG meeting on 17-18 September will finalize the Hyderabad programme.